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Summer Time Water Savers

Everyone hates bills, especially during summer!! From excess showering, fun in the pool, or having your kids home more often; opening up your mailbox awaiting this months water bill can cause anyone a mini-heart attack. Continue, reading below to find out a few tips to help you reduce your time, money and water usage.

1)Lawn Maintenance: We all admire a beautiful green lawn,and will take the extra mile of waking up during the crack of dawn to water the grass. However, studies have shown it is not doing your lawn any service. The sun is typically high during the morning hours. Therefore the water evaporated quicker and doesn’t penetrate the soil. Make sure to water during pre/post sun high times for the best results. Lastly, make sure to stay persistent with a weather check. Please turn off your automatic sprinkler during rainy weather.

2) Rainwater: Put your gutter downspout to work and use a barrel to collect the rain water from your roof. Why let the water go to waste!? You can use it to water small indoor or outdoor plants.

3) Dishwasher: now that you have your kids home from school your sink maybe overflowing with dishes. Thus, many recommend using your dishwasher if updated to an energy star rated dishwasher. These type of dishwashers save approximately 30 gallons of water, that would normally be used on just washing 1 load of dishes.

Contact Empire Water Main & Sewer for all your plumbing needs. We service 24/7!!

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