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Sump Pump Replacement

A sump pump for many homes is an additional piece of flood insurance! Groundwater can submerge through cracks within the foundation of your home and cause major damage. If flooding occurs in your basement or crawl space during a rain storm or there is continuous days of rain the sump pump will collect all the water and redirect it away from your home. This is why it is vital to replace the sump pump as soon as needed. Here are a few reasons/signs as to why you may need your sump pump replaced.

1. Age: the average life expectancy for a sump pump is 10 years and it is important to take into consideration how frequently used the pump is, quality and electrical source.

2. Sump pump noises: excessive sounds such as gurgling,rattling or thuds mean there is an issue with the motor. This means you may need to replace the motor and not the entire system.

3. Continuously running: when the pump continuously runs despite the weather it definitely means you have an issue that needs immediate assessment. If not addressed the pump may become overworked and need replacement.

4. No water inside sump pit: if water is not present inside the pit, but the pump is running it may have been installed incorrectly or not attached to the drain system properly.

Again these are just a few issues that our customers experience and require us to replace their sump pump. If you would like a replacement or a sump pump check up give Contact Empire Water Main & Sewer 718-715-4862.

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