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Take A Cold Shower And Get Rid Of The Common Cold

Ladies and gentlemen these winter months are brutal on the immune system, especially when the family and friends around you are battling this year’s brutal flu and common cold. We at Empire are not only concerned about the condition of your pipes, but your well-being as well; which is why we wanted to provide a helpful post in the surprising effects cold and hot showers may have on your health this season.

Positive effects of cold showers: -strengthens your nervous system -increases circulation and blood flow -enhances mucous membranes -causes muscle contractions, which result in the release of toxins -less drying to skin and hair

Cold showers are a great way for cold prevention. So be sure to place it in your weekly monthly routine. If this sounds pretty unpleasant try with warm showers and slowly decrease the temperatures.

Positive effects of hot showers: -steam from hot showers can moisturize the passages in the nose, relieving congestion -hot showers can help break a fever.

Hot showers work great when trying to get rid of a cold.

We wish all our customers and readers a happy and healthy winter season, and if any shower issues arise please contact Empire Water Main & Sewer (718)715-4862/ . Our team is available 24/7!!

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