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Toilet Tank Cleaning

Are you almost done with your spring cleaning!?Well don’t forget your toilet tank. It’s the one part of the bathroom most forget, but can make a world of difference in the lifespan of your toilet. Keep on reading to find out specific reasoning behind giving your toilet tank a great scrub and some helpful tips to properly clean it out!!

Dirty Tank Awareness:

*Dust,dirt and debris-similar to all items, overtime dust,debris and dirt can accrue. However, when it comes to a toilet tank these types of particles can impact the longevity and usage of your toilet. Overtime,excessive buildup can erode the components on the inside of the tank that are steel/rubber.In addition,it can create an unpleasant odor.

*Mold-where there’s standing water there’s mold!! Typically the toilets located in a guest bathroom or basement are prone to harbor mold due to standing toilet tank water from infrequent use. The mold can also create a foul odor, but can also spread to the rest of your bathroom.

Scrub you tank away: 🚨Before Cleaning🚨 *Turn off the water to your toilet tank by using the shut off valve commonly found behind the toilet, then give it a flush before cleaning, since it will empty the toilet tank.

*Avoid using toilet tank tablets: Although tablets are extremely convenient, they contain bleach which eats away at the rubber components within,

*Routinely maintenance: give your tank a cleaning at least twice a year. The best cleaning solution would be to mix 1 cup of water with 1/4cup of vinegar.

Contact Empire Water Main & Sewer when any toilet issues arise. We service all 5 boroughs 24/7/365!

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