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Toilet Technology

Happy National Technology Day!! We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and Santa have you a bunch of new gadgets this year!! In celebration of technology day we wanted to provide our readers with a fun toilet tech. post. Everyone finds themselves in those scary moments where you desperately are in need of a bathroom, but don’t know where the nearest one is. Well here are a few neat apps that will definitely solve your bladder pains.

App#1: Flush This app allows you to search a location and find the nearest public restroom. It even works offline just in case you are in an area with no WiFi and has a database of over 200,000 toilets.

App#2:Toilet Finder You can easily locate all facilities in a pinch and also has a database of 200,000 toilets.

App#3:Sit or Squat This app is created by Charming and allows you to view public restrooms by showing it on a map or list.

App#4: Where to Wee This app is available for both android and apple devices. It provides you not only with the restroom location, but also rates the cleanliness of the restroom.

Download your favorite toilet app today! If you are experiencing toilet troubles at home contact Empire Water Main & Sewer today (718)715-4862/ !!

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