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Toilets Around The World

Have you ever been puzzled when traveling to another state, or somewhere not to far from the U.S.; and they use names for toilets such as the John,crapper, the loo, powder room, lavatory etc. It may take you a day or two to get acclimated to the language. However, imagine going to a different part of the world and not only is the toilet language different, but also the toilet!! Continue reading to explore toilets around the world.

Africa: Northern Africa toilets are a traditional sit down style. However, most of the African countries utilize squat toilets. In fact, sub-Saharan Africa lack a toilet, and resort to using the bathroom outdoors.

Europe: All of Western Europe usually have American style toilets, although containing a pull cord instead of a handle. However, in Greece & Romania toilet paper is not thrown in the toilet, but in the trash can. In addition, many European bathrooms often feature a bidet.

South America: Most parts of South America have the typical American toilet. Although, their custom is similar to Europe in the way they dispose of toilet paper. The reasoning behind throwing toilet paper in the trash can vs. in the toilet is due to their plumbing systems not being able to process toilet paper.

China: Aside from hotels that cater to westerners; overall China has squat toilets and dispose of toilet paper in a trash can, since the toilets are dug at holes in the ground. They prefer the squatting position due to natural release of the pelvic muscles, which allows easier bowl movements.

Middle East: Some places have traditional toilets. The most common style is a squat toilet know as “Turkish Toilets”. The squat toilets consist of a toilet bowl or pan that is floor level and instead of toilet paper they use water to clean themselves.

Japan: Japanese toilets are the most sophisticated toilets in the world. Their toilets have heated seat, bidet and dryer function. No toilet paper or even hands needed.

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