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Trap Troubles

We received a frantic call from an owner last week stating that he had an emergency and needed our help! The driveway on his commercial property was beginning to flood and smell in which he was afraid it would affect his business. Understanding the owner’s concern we immediately sent over a technician. Once he arrived it was evident that the water looked dirty and a foul odor was present most likely resulting in a backed up sewer. The technician began by trying to remove as much water as possible to gain entry to the sewer trap, release the blockage and snake the line. Once the line was snaked we were able to inform the owner of the items that were causing the blockage which were (feminine hygiene products, paper towels,and wipes). The owner was in great relief and was placed on a yearly maintenance cleaning which insures that his sewer line and business run smoothly 24/7/365.

Contact Empire Water Main & Sewer today for your plumbing emergencies and learn preventative measures (718)715-4862!!

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