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Troubleshoot Your Water Pressure

With frigid temperatures creeping up everyone not only wants hot water, but also strong water pressure. Empire is here to provide some helpful hints on how to troubleshoot your low water pressure. If you are having trouble with your faucet the first thing is to determine if you are having a whole house problem or just that particular faucet. To determine this, run hot and cold water for 15-30 seconds on all faucets in your home. If hot water is coming out slower, the problem may be your water heater. If only one faucet seems to be having a problem it may be a clog in the aerators which is not allowing water through. In the case of a toilet leak or a constant running toilet this can reduce water pressure drastically.

To determine if there is a leak you can simply check using the food coloring test (Remove lid add a few drops of coloring, wait an hour, if coloring then appears in bowl you have a leak!!) When you assume it may be a valve all you need is a simple fix. Find the (PRV) pressure reducing valve it is shaped like a bell usually located where the main plumbing line enters your home. There is a screw on be valve. When turned clockwise it increases the pressure and counterclockwise reduces the pressure. If low pressure persist throughout the entire house and all fixtures you may have a clogged or defective domestic water service. In that case you may need to change the entire water line coming into your home or property. If you need further assistance fixing any of these issues call Empire Water Main & Sewer today (718)715-4862 !!

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