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TV Plumbing Monsters

Have you began binge watching some of your favorite Halloween movies. If the answer is YES how many of them had a plumbing monster? That’s right many of your favorite Halloween TV/movies have a scary plumbing monster. Continue reading to find out 4 TV/movies which includes this type of character.

1) Pennywise the clown (IT, 1990, 2017,2019) Stephen Kings iconic creation “Pennywise” or “IT” is a scary immortal clown who lives in the sewer and terrorizes the town, more specially children.

2) The Flukeman (The X-Files episode “The Host” 1994) The X files is a terrific show portraying two FBI Agents investigating the paranormal “The Host” is about a sewer dwelling mutant called the “Flukeman"

3) Max the Plumber ( The plumber 1979) Be aware of who you hire to fix your home. The plumber is a psychological thriller, in which a married couple begin to be harassed, and are subjected to play mind games with the plumber named Max.

4) Zeke the plumber (Salute your shorts episode “Ghost Story 1991” Salute your shorts was a Nickelodeon series. Zeke was a plumber at the summer camp Anawanna, and died tragically therefore becomes a ghost who torments campers that touch his plunger.

Do you know any plumbing horror films!? If so leave a comment down below. We will definitely add it to our at home Halloween movie list!

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