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Uh oh!! My Toilet Won’t Flush!

We all have encountered the panic of using the toilet, turning around to flush and SILENCE!!! You attempt a couple more times and still no flushing sound!! First things first don’t panic and continue reading! Here are the most common reasons why your toilet won’t flush:

1)Overflow Tube: the overflow tube empties water directly into the toilet bowl when flushed. Unfortunately the tube isn’t invincible and can crack due to the toilet’s constant pressure. If it is in fact cracked, water will run in rather than past the tube. Replacing the overflow tube will restore the ability to flush.

2) Flapper: the flapper allows water to run from the tank into the bowl by lifting and closing. When you press down the toilet handle the flapper opens/lifts. After sometime the flapper can bend/warp due to it constantly being in contact with moving water. When you open your toilet tank the flapper is the rubber cup-like fixture attached with a chain. If replacement is needed it is an easy fix. Purchase a new flapper at any hardware store, drain the toilet tank and attach the chain. Make sure everything is secure and you may flush with ease.

3)Chain Length: As mentioned previously the toilet chain connects to the flapper and when the flushing handle is pushed down the chain yanks the flapper up to initiate the toilet flush. If the chain is too long it won’t lift up the flapper therefore not flushing. If the chain is too short the flapper won’t close properly resulting in your toilet running. Again the fix is relatively easy since you just have to adjust the length of the chain.

4) Clog: Often times it isn’t a tank problem but a toilet clog! Remember to never flush anything that is not toilet paper or human waste and watch out for how much toilet paper you use at once. To fix this issue try using a plunger and if that doesn’t work contact Empire!

Hopefully this information will put you at ease the next time a flushing issue arises. Contact (718) 715-4862 Empire Water Main & Sewer if any repairs seem tricky or a stubborn clog won’t clear! We will arrive at your door 365 days a year!!

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