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Video Inspections

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

This picture is showing roots that were found inside a sewer line during a video camera inspection. Video camera inspections are a great tool that can help plumbers detect and resolve many sewer line issues. Listed below are a few reasons as to why video camera inspections are vital to your sewer line.

1. EFFICIENCY: The cord on the video camera inspection is waterproof and extremely flexible. It is able to twist and turn in order to reach around debris. Also, they are small enough in size to enter pipes that are 4 inches. 2. VERSATILITY: Video camera inspections can be utilized to detect a range of blockages and damage found within the pipes. In addition, it can detect any misaligned and broken pipes that can cause serious drainage problems. The inspections can also be useful for finding old channels and missing items (ex: jewelry)

3. ACCURACY: The camera inspection allows you the ability to view, record, and analyze any sewer issues. As a property owner you are able to see the root of the problem as well giving you better insight instead of word of mouth.

4. SAVES YOU MONEY: The camera is not destructive to your pipe lines. It operates, tests and videos the line quickly and resourcefully; thus saving you time during your appointment and money later by determining the issue right there and then.

This saves you multiple trip/service charges by plumbers who are just guessing a possible problem. Furthermore, if you have a rusted pipe or any breakage the snake can determine that immediately. This saves you lots of money/ headache in the case you have a clog. If a plumber was not aware of the problem and tried to snake or hydro jet the line it would completely break the line.

If you are having any issues with your sewer line and would like a video camera inspection or a cleaning contact

Empire Water Main & Sewer (718) 715-4862 today!!!

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