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Water Main Upgrade Lead To Copper

When buying a home no matter what year it was built or if it’s not your first rodeo in property building; it is still important to get the plumbing in your home inspected. For one of our customers they did just that and was made aware that their water main was made of lead and they needed to replace it.

In New York it is a requirement to switch our these lines due to new standards and hazards of lead poisoning. The customer immediately contacted Empire and we were at the property to provide these new homeowners a free estimate, answer any concerning questions, give specific details of the estimator’s findings and work procedure.

The customer agreed to pricing/work and Empire took care of the rest. By the following week we were at the property at 8:00am on a Saturday so the couple could enjoy the new lead free home on Sunday morning.

At Empire we understand the stress of buying a home and making sure it is safe for you and your family!

Contact Empire Water Main & Sewer for your Free Estimate 24/7!

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