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Water Park Curiosity?

Everyone loves a great water park, especially with high temperatures coming this weekend! However, have you ever pondered how they conserve all the water they are using? Many who are concerned with global warming and droughts may believe water parks are disastrous especially if you reside in a state such as California. On the contrary, water parks are a business and not only cut cost for the company budget to maximize profits, but also are tailoring to customers and their concerns; which is why water parks are not tapping into local water supplies to refill the facility. Instead, refilter/reuse is a common practice.

For example, the Schlitterbahn Park in Texas, reuses and filters 96% percent of 3.5 million gallons used for the park. The remaining percentage is 4% lost due to evaporation. Lastly, architecture helps play a role in water conservation. Water parks are typically designed to tower above their surrounding landscape. This construction allows the water that is pumped to the top attraction to be fed lower through gravity. All in all, water parks are making it their mission to conserve water, and become environmentally friendly. Many parks have even replaced with drought resistant plants and low flush toilets.

Contact Empire Water Main & Sewer to fix any leaks and stay on board with water conservation.

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