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What Are Those Scary Noises?

WHAT WAS THAT!? DID YOU HEAR THAT!? Don’t let strange plumbing noises give you a spook! Continue reading and take a look.

Banging Noises: if you hear banging noises when turning the sink/shower on or off; this indicates the water line is shaking too much. Often water will move fast when water hits certain angles, specifically 90° turns. This is known as “water hammer”.

Gurgling Noise: If you hear a hissing or gurgling sound coming from your toilet this typically means the flapper is not properly covering the the valve opening.

Dripping Noise: Do you hear a drip-drip-drip noise, but cannot see anything coming from the faucet. Then you my friend have a hidden plumbing leak. Most often it is located behind a wall. However, when a drain is being used there is most likely a leak at the drain or waste pipe.

If you hear a strange noise in your home. Don’t let it give you the creeps contact Empire Water Main & Sewer.

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