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What Creature Have You Found In Your Toilet?

With Halloween quickly approaching your friends, family & strangers may try to give you a scare with some strange creepy crawlies. However, what if you find a real creature in your toilet!? Take a look at the 6 most common creatures that have been found in a toilet.

1)Snakes 2)Rats 3)Possum 4)Frog 5)Squirrels 6)Spiders

Typically it recommended when these creatures are spotted in your toilet, lift the lid wide enough that you are able to squirt liquid dish soap. This will help break the surface tension of the water and act as a lubricant for the animal to go back down. Lastly, flush the toilet a few times to give the animal a little push back down the drain it came up from.

Hopefully, you won’t get toilet spooked this year!! Contact Empire Water Main & Sewer for all your plumbing including toilet needs!!

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