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What Do You Call Your Bathroom?

Your bathroom is the most used and most important room of your home. Let’s face it from getting yourself ready and unready to doing your “business” we all spend a lot of time in the bathroom. For this reason we offer times develop strange nicknames for the bathroom. But have you ever pondered why the most common nicknames such as the The John, The Loo and Commode were given? Well you’re in luck!! Continue reading and find out!!

1) Commode: This word/phase dates back to Victorian English. Commode initially referred to drawers or cabinets; and before indoor plumbing a usual place people stored their chamber pots in drawers or cabinets. Therefore, a person would say he/she needed to use “the commode”.

2) The Loo: As we all know English is a mix of languages such as Greek, German,French etc. In this case “The Loo” is a perfect example of that. This word is ananglicization of the French term “gardez l’eau” which means “look out for the water!” This phrase was used during an unpleasant time when people would empty their chamber pots by throwing the contents usually water and human waste out of the window.

3)The John: This word can be traced back to 1735 when it was first appeared in print. It was thought to have originated as a slang word. The term started out as a euphemism and was thought that “John” is a short form of “Cousin John”. So when the students had to go to the bathroom they would say “I have to go visit Cousin John”. Another explanation would be from English nobleman, Sir John Harrington. He invented one of the earlier versions of a flushing toilet for his godmother Queen Elizabeth I. Which is why you may also here the toilet being called “The Throne”.

Do you have a strange nickname for your bathroom? If so leave a comment down below. And remember if something goes wrong in your favorite room contact Empire Water Main & Sewer. Our team can attend to your emerge today with 24 hours. (718)715-4862/

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