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What’s Electrolysis?

Who doesn’t like a little science, especially if it’s science underground!!? Well you are in for a treat today’s post is about Electrolysis.

What is Electrolysis?

This event is known as a “method of using direct electrical current (DC) to drive a forced chemical reaction.” It is a stage in which elements from natural occurring sources separate. This typically takes place on water mains and plays a small role in water main breaks due to the material utilized.A DC is also most commonly used in electrical utilities & train systems.

How does it occur?

Electrolysis happens when a direct current (DC) leak takes place underground, and attacks the copper pipe or when 2 different metals are near each other. A common example would be the installation of a new brass pipe connected to current existing galvanized pipe. This type of project would be prone to a damaged water main from Electrolysis.

Has this already occurred?

Typical signs that your water main may have experienced Electrolysis is abnormal odor, green stained pipes, or random spots if corrosion when the rest of the line is in perfect condition. Properties located near train tracks are most susceptible to this situation.

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