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What’s My Backup Plan

Most people if not all always want a back plan just in case their first idea on resolving an issue or obtaining a goal doesn’t work out. When it comes to a plumbing problem within your home your first worry and priority is getting it fixed. For a customer who has had a persistent/stubborn clog the two main questions they ask is “How do I resolve this issue?” And “If that doesn’t work what’s my next step?” At Empire we make it our mission to help our customers in every way possible; and for that reason here are the steps we take to resolve persistent back ups.

Plan A (Snaking):Typically when a backup arises we begin with an electric snaking machine. Our company makes sure to always use the appropriate length/size snake according to the pipe. This ensures best cleaning results and no damage is created. The blades attached cut/break up any material that is found within the line therefore allowing free flow.

Plan B ( Hydro Jetting): If a snake does not resolve the issue our technicians will then hydro jet the line. Very often grease and other buildup begin to coat the pipe interior and unfortunately a snake can’t always grasp on to that material. A hydro jet similar to a power washing machine uses a strong stream of water to remove all debris. Typically this step resolves the problem 9/10 times.

Plan C (Video Camera Inspection): In order to take care of that 10% chance we perform a video camera inspection. This gives the tech. an inside look of the entire pipe determine any leaks, cracks, tree root intrusion, etc.

Plan D (Repair/Replacement): If it is in fact determined by the video camera inspection that there is a leak, crack or collapse; Empire can take care of that as well. From small fixtures such as a sink to excavating the ground to repair or replace a sewer line we have completed them all.

Call Empire Water Main & Sewer today (718)715-4862 to get your plumbing issue resolved. We got you covered from A-Z and all work warranty guaranteed!!

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