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What’s Your Bathroom Preference?

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

Are you thinking about giving your bathroom a spring awakening with some remodeling? One of the biggest decision home owners find themselves contemplating about is deciding between a shower, bathtub or both? Read some information below to help you narrow down the options and give your bathroom just what it needs.

Bathtub: bathtub come with many likes and dislikes especially when it’s remodeling time, here are your pros &cons.

  • Pros: -Great for children -Relieves/Soothes muscle aches and pains -Wide variety of design choices -Free standing units can be placed anywhere

  • Cons: -Difficult for older people or those that are injured. -Requires a hefty amount of water -Requires an adequate water heater to fill the tub -Time consuming to fill & bathe

Shower: only-shower bathrooms have been becoming popular overtime and if this is something you want to venture you are not done.

  • Pros: -Usage of less water than bathtubs -Quick and convenient -Accessible for the elderly/injured -Wide variety of shower head features

  • Cons: -Not practical for children -Leaks can become a headache to fix -Require more maintenance -Can drive away potential buyers/lower property value if you intend to potentially sell it.

Hopefully the information above gives a better insight on what fixture will work for your home. Contact Empire Water Main & Sewer for all your sewer and drain needs no matter the time or day!!

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