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What’s Your Faucet Style?

Many have the assumption that a faucet is just a faucet especially in the kitchen. However, kitchen faucets come in many different shapes and styles!! Picking the right kitchen faucet for you and your home is an exciting yet difficult decision, which is why we wanted to give our readers some faucet choosing info.below:

Arched Faucets: most commonly used for kitchen sinks. Allows lots of space between the bottom and top sink for large pots and pans.

Single/Double handled faucet: Double handled faucet are great for adjusting specific water temperatures. On the other hand, a single handled faucet is great if you are not too picky with getting an exact temp. And is great if you are a kitchen multitask-er. One back handed turn will do the job!

Sink/Wall Mounted: A wall mounted faucet is beneficial for counter cleanup and provides a great vintage style. However, a sink mounted faucet it a bit more difficult to clean up since crumbs can tend to fall around the cracks.

Hopefully this gave you a small insight of the many options of faucets in the kitchen; and help direct you in your faucet exploration. Contact Empire Water Main & Sewer for your sink drain needs 24/7!!

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