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What To Do When You Receive A DEP- 3 day Notice!!!

You have received a DEP notice (Department of Environmental Protection) and are confused. You may be wondering why you received this letter?, How to take care of this issue?, Who to call?, cost?, and How long will this process take? Empire is here to explain all these questions and more. We are highly experienced in this type of work and will take care of everything!! DEP will issue a three-day notice when they are aware that you are experiencing a main water break. There are several ways DEP has determined the leak. The first is DEP can physically see a leak forming on the sidewalk or road. Second is if the property owner reports low/ high water pressure in the home or DEP sees unusual readings on the water meter. The third is sound. DEP determines the leak is coming from a pipe by using a listening device to hear the leak inside of your property. When you schedule an appointment with Empire we will give you an in person FREE ESTIMATE at your earliest convenience. There are many factors that determine pricing. The estimator will first determine if you line is lead or copper. If the line is lead it cannot be repaired since it is illegal in NYC.

The line must be converted to copper. Meanwhile if the pipe is already copper the repair will be significantly less. The next step is determining which side of the street your fire hydrant is on. If it is on your side the run will be shorter so it will cost less then if it was on the opposite side. In addition, if your street has been paved within the past 5 years it will cost more due to the extra steps needed to restore the roadway. Lastly if your property is near a church or school, pricing may vary since those areas are usually very busy. The DOT (Department of Transportation) will restrict hours allowed causing the job to expand for a few more days. Once the price is determined and you have decided Empire for service we will take care of all permits which include DEP & DOT. After all permits are acquired we will schedule a start date. Depending on the type of job necessary to resolve the three- day notice it can take 1-3 days of job completion. In the case that the line is over 2 inches then DEP inspections are involved and can prolong the process. Sit back and relax call Empire Water Main & Sewer today (718) 715-4862!!

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