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What Was Flushed!?

At Empire we stress to our customer’s the importance of taking extra precaution when flushing items. However, occasionally our technicians will encounter some odd items here and there that have created some severe backups. But we wanted to have some Friday fun and provide you with a list of some strange things plumbers across the U.S have encountered: 1.$70,000 Ring: on occasion a few thousand dollar ring, necklace can fall down the drain, but imagine dropping an item as expensive as a car in the toilet.

2.Liquor bottles: some jobs may be stressful and require a glass of wine after a long 8hr shift. However, one employee found himself trying to hide his drinking evidence and flushed a few of his miniature liquor bottles which ended up creating a severe backup.

3.Pets:If you have ever had a pet fish we all remember the day be flushed poor Mr.Finn down the toilet. Although it is important to remember that although small pets can create a serious clog in your toilet/sewer and since they don’t decompose quickly they can get flushed into our waterways.

4.Barbie heads: we have all heard of sibling rivalry, but how about taking your sister’s Barbie heads and giving them a good flush.

Items can accidentally get flushed down the toilet and in the event of an emergency back, contact Empire Water Main & Sewer for your toilet/sewer clogs.

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