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White House Plumbing On Presidents Day!

Happy Presidents Day!! In celebration of our past Presidents Empire wanted to give you a glimpse on the White House’s plumbing past. Continue reading to find out which president began the plumbing trend and its evolution.

Although George Washington was our first president he was not the first to introduce plumbing rather it was our 6th President John Quincy Adams. Adams was a passionate gardener and incorporated this in his plumbing approaches. For example, he took an iron garden pump with 9 spout holes and attached it to the treasury building next door. This provided the White House with a watering system.

Then in 1883 our 7th President Andrew Jackson creates a “bathroom area” in the East Wing. 20 years later during Franklin Pierce’s presidency. Our 14th president created a “luxury bathroom”. The staff installed a bathroom on the second floor with the first permanent bathing facilities that offered hot and cold running water. This may not be significant, but before 1853 water was manually heated and poured into portable bathtubs. Fast forwarding more than 160 years later the White House plumbing has become energy efficient and convenient. We hope you find this post enjoyable and remember although you are not a president nor reside in the White House your plumbing needs are as important to us. Give Empire Water Main & Sewer a call 24/7 at (718)715-4862 or

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