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Why Can’t I Flush Feminine Hygiene Products?

As we all know there is an extensive list of items that cannot be flushed. However, 1 specific category notorious for creating severe backups and damaging pipes are feminine hygiene products; specifically tampons. Many seem to be under the assumption that since it is a product used in the bathroom, and used for sanitary purposes it can be flushed. Please continue reading to learn the 3 main reasons feminine hygiene products cannot be flushed:

1) Design:Tampons/pads are designed to be absorbent and not break down. Once flushed the item stays fully intact and makes its way into the sewage treatment plant. Or at the bottom of your septic system slowly creating a clog.

2) Clog: due to absorbency these items can grow 10x their original size. In the common event your sewer has corrosion or roots; can get caught and not create a pretty extensive blockage.

3) Septic system: flushed tampons that flow out of your homes plumbing and into the septic system don’t degrade and take up a great amount of space within the septic tank. This then blocks the distribution of tubes and causes sewage to come up through the drains in your home.

If you are weary about what has been flushed down your toilet, give Empire Water Main & Sewer a call!! We are sewer and drain experts!!

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