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Winter Proof Your Home

Don’t let the new year start on a bad foot! January is approaching rapidly which means new resolutions, but also freezing temperatures. It is vital that you not only prepare yourself for 2019, but also your plumbing. As the temperatures begin to drop significantly there is a higher chance of your pipes bursting. When water freezes it expands. This puts pressure on the pipes causing them to crack no matter if they are plastic or metal. The pipes that are in jeopardy of bursting are the ones that run against the exterior wall. Pipes located in unheated areas such as attics, kitchen cabinets or basements are at risk as well. However,the pipes that are in greatest danger are the ones located outside (hose bibbs, sprinkler lines & swimming pool lines). Listed below are a few steps on how to prepare your indoor/outdoor plumbing.

INDOOR: -Allow kitchen/bathroom faucets to drip tiny amounts of water to allow the cold water to move through pipes

-Leave home set at 55° degrees when unattended

-Keep garage doors closed completely at all times

-Repair any windows/doors

-Insulate pipes in attics, basements and crawl spaces


Faucets that freeze outside can cause damage that extends into the home. A burst is then common within the walls and cause gallons of water to flood your home. To prevent this all you would need to do turn off the water supply to all outdoor faucets ( pool water supply lines, sprinkler and hose bibBs). If you believe you are experiencing any leaks/ issues with the pipes call EMPIRE WATER MAIN & SEWER (718)715-4862 today!!

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