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Winter/Snow Plumbing Precaution

Since today is the 1st of the month, you may have been hoping for the weather to be a couple degrees warmer or at least a day full of sun. Instead you probably had to shovel, clean your car off of snow, commute in some unpleasant weather and/or change your perfectly planned day! As mentioned in previous post the cold weather raises havoc to our health and day to day routine. However, it is also important to take consideration for the hazardous effects by winter to your plumbing especially during the snowfall and melting process. Here are the top 2 most common problems snow and its unpleasant friend cold weather create:

1. Flooding: since the cold weather months fluctuate drastically between inches-feet of snow during the weekend and then a sunny blue forecast for the next 5 days. You must keep an eye out for how much snow is melting. Many homeowners experience the unfortunate event of basement flooding. In the case that you have a sump pump make sure it works properly and is able to pump out excess water throughout each month.

2. Pipe Leakage: As we all know water expands when frozen. Therefore make sure to watch out for your pipes,especially the ones located outdoors. Excess pressure within the pipe causes leakage and breaks. With heavy amounts of snowfall this applies more pressure to your pipes and traps in the freezing temperatures.

Don’t let the cold weather and snow take you by storm!! Plan ahead and take care of your plumbing.

Contact Empire Water Main & Sewer (718)715-4862 if there is a suspected leak or break.

We service 24/7 weekends and holidays. No extra charge!

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